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Chellsey beauty school technicians teach advanced Aesthetic courses which provide aestheticians with extensive skin care and nail care training, cosmetology, make up artistry, spa therapy, either for employment or operation of a home-based business. We are at the forefront of providing industry knowledge that empowers our students to share the passion for fashion & well being.

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Mesotherapy Lipodissolving & Body Slimming Certification Course:

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure alternative to liposuction. It works by a series of microinjections of specially selected drug, vitamins and/or amino acids into the areas of the body where the unwanted fat deposit is located. Mesotherapy is effective for breaking up the persistent fat deposits that is hard to be removed by diet and exercise. Injection of lipolysis or fat dissolving substances will also reduce and shrink the size of unpleasant lipomas.

Trainees will learn the role of Ultrasonic and, Radiofrequency infrared two injection techniques that are most popular: Subcutaneous microinjections and Nappage technique. Dilution, preparation, injection and storage methods of the drugs used in Mesotherapy will also be covered.

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